Conference talks 

  1. R. Heras, 01/2016, Neutron Stars: Extreme Physics in the Universe, UCL-ICL undergraduate physics conference, Blackett Lab, ICL, London.
  2. R. Heras, 03/2014, Energy transformations in the birth of neutron stars, The Structure and Signals of Neutron Stars, from Birth to Death, Florence, Italy.
  3. R. Heras, 07/2012, The-Birth-Ultrafast-Magnetic-Field-Decay Model Applied to Isolated MSP’s,  X-ray Binaries; celebrating 50 years since the discovery of Sco X-1, Boston, USA.

Conference posters

  1. R. Heras, 08/2012, Birth accelerations of neutron stars , 28th General  Assembly of the International Astronomical Union, Symposium 291, Beijing, China.
  2. R. Heras, 04/2012, Pulsars are Born as Magnetars, International conference on Electromagnetic Radiation from Pulsars and Magnetars, University of Zielona Gora, Poland.
  3. R. Heras, 10/2011, The magnetar origin of pulsars, 54th Mexican Physics Conference, Merida, Mexico.

Seminar talks

  1. R. Heras, 05/2016, The effect of the photon mass on the charge quantization, Oxford (invited).
  2. R. Heras, 02/2015, A first contact with the Lorentz Symmetry: A drama in four acts, UCL, London.
  3. R. Heras, 10/2012, ¿Puede un estudiante hacer investigación?, ITT, Toluca, Mexico (invited).
  4. R. Heras, 09/2012, Estrellas de Neutrones: Física extrema en el universo, FC, UNAM, Mexico (invited).
  5. R. Heras, 05/2012, Hacia una gran unificación de las estrellas de neutrones,  IA, UNAM, Mexico (invited).