Welcome to my website! I’m an undergraduate student in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at University College London. Among my passions in physics are high energy astrophysics, field theory, and magnetic monopoles. These are some of my recent publications:

Here is a bit of information about my otherwise chaotic existence: I was born, raised, and educated in Mexico, where I studied in the public system up to high school. I finished my high school studies in 2013 in the state’s open system. This was fortunate because I didn’t have to attend any lectures or do any homework, so I had time to further pursue my true interest in physics and get involved in research relatively soon. While at college, I have acquired a keen interest for relativity, field theory, and most recently magnetic monopoles. Currently, I’m studying the effect of the photon mass on the Dirac quantization condition. I recently co-authored a paper with Fred Goldhaber, from Stony Brook, in which we believe we have solved the problem: Dirac’s condition holds with non-zero photon mass! (see arXiv:1710.03321).

In addition, I’m constantly working on papers and notes on classical electrodynamics and field theory. It’s always fun to look at things that are supposed to be known but through different methods. If I find a useful result, I always try to publish it (usually in the European Journal of Physics). I have found this is a good way of learning physics and it’s certainly more effective than doing homework or revising like mad for exams! 

When I’m not busy having fun with research or surviving my university studies (literally, in every possible way!), I enjoy classical music, discussing physics in general, reading philosophy (I’m currently reading Nietzsche), drinking lots of coffee and joking a lot with friends.